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We have been developing mobile technologies and productivity apps for 10 years. Business Card Reader, FineScanner, and TextGrabber are now indispensable digitizing assets for over 10 million people across the globe.

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ABBYY Business Card Reader

ABBYY Business Card Reader

Scan business cards to contacts in 25 languages and manage them effortlessly.

ABBYY FineScanner

ABBYY FineScanner

Instantly capture documents and books, edit and share them in PDF, DOCX and 10 other formats.

ABBYY TextGrabber

ABBYY TextGrabber

Digitize text from photo and video in 60+ languages and translate it into 100+ languages in one tap.

Our history


We released Business Card Reader 2.0 for Nokia smartphones running on Symbian S60. Everyone used to enter new contacts manually and never imagined that an entire business card could be digitized in one click.


Inspired by the growing popularity of the iPhone, we released our first iOS app – Business Card Reader. Version 1.0 worked only on iPhone 3GS and had 16 recognition languages (25 today).


The history of TextGrabber began with a set of iOS apps: LinkGrabber, PhoneGrabber, MailGrabber, StreetGrabber, and, finally, TextGrabber. Each app was designed for a specific task. The text capture use case proved to be the most popular, so ultimately all these apps were merged into one universal tool – TextGrabber. The app offered instant text capture and full-text translation.

LifeHacker.com named TextGrabber "The best image-to-text app for iPhone".

By popular demand, we added online translation to 45 languages to TextGrabber 2.0 for iOS.


We added a new cool feature to BCR for iOS – export to Salesforce CRM, a big time saver for sales reps and customer success managers.

Despite the technical challenges caused by cameras of early Android devices, we released the first version of ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android.

The world was becoming more mobile and flexible. A lot of people worked remotely and needed to send documents to their colleagues on the go. We came up with an idea to replace the desktop scanner with a mobile app to make their life easier. This is how ABBYY FineScanner was born. The first version could crop photos of documents and prepare them for printing and viewing with black-and-white, color and grayscale filters.

After the smashing release of TextGrabber for iOS, we received many requests from Android users to bring the app to Android. That is exactly what we did – TextGrabber for Android was launched in 2012.


Total number of iOS+Android users reached 1 000 000!

Business Card Reader iOS received the RISING STAR Award in the annual Mobile Star Awards Program hosted by MobileVillage.com, a trusted website for mobile technology news and events.

We added VoiceOver functionality to TextGrabber iOS 3.0. The program can read aloud captured or translated text in more than 30 languages and may work as a reliable reading aid for millions of people with visual disabilities.


Business Card Reader became cross-platform. All contacts are synchronized across Android and iOS.

FS received online functionality. Recognize text (OCR) on scans in 193 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic, and CJK alphabets) and choose from among 12 output formats (docx, pdf, txt, and more), preserving the original document formatting such as lists, tables, and headers (Internet required).


We improved recognition technology and added auto-detection, which reduced the capture time to 2.5 seconds. This allowed Business Card Reader iOS to become the fastest scanner on the market.

BookScanner feature released in FineScanner iOS: based on our innovative technology for scanning books, the new feature allows users to take a photo of the spread of the book, get rid of paper bends and split the result into two separate pages.

FineScanner iOS was named as “The best productivity app” on the 19th Webby Awards.


The number of iOS + Android users reached 5 000 000.

Wearable devices are trendy. In order to make beloved app more convenient for our users we released Business Card Reader iOS with Apple Watch support.

FineScanner for Android was released.

TextGrabber became a “Free App of the Week” in App Store of all around the world. TextGrabber was downloaded 1 000 000 times in 5 days. Brilliant!


To enable our users to work with their cards database in a more convenient way – not only on the smartphone, we launched the cloud-based web client for Business Card Reader available at https://www.abbyybcr.com/.

TextGrabber iOS and Android now captures any printed text in live video stream. The new feature was highly rated by users and mass media. We received a lot of positive publications, for example, the app was featured at TechCrunch.


Release of new Business Card Reader iOS with social media search capability for finding contacts with ease from business cards on Linkedln and Facebook.

Voice assistants are growing in popularity! So we added Siri Shortcuts support to FineScanner iOS and TextGrabber iOS.

TextGrabber iOS now translates text in real time online and offline. VentureBeat made a publication about that!


The number of iOS + Android users reaches 10M!

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What people are saying

ABBYY finescanner

Great app for the road warrior

Works great for documenting receipts while in the road. Allows me to create either PDF or jpeg and select the size for emailing.
ABBYY finescanner

Genealogy scans

I have used this Fine Scan for family records that I wanted to save and upload to family search for ancestry and love the quality and clarity. Book Scanner mode for Family Genealogy is great.

HIGHLY recommended

I've tried other apps that claim the same attributes but this is the best. Only edits are to really complicated cards. I'd recommend HIGHLY recommended this as a "Go To" tool on a day to day basis.

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